The Blade

from by LOTUS



If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride
But if my tongue were unbound, I’d hold your head under and drown you in spite
If my angst had an edge, then I’d cut you with it
But my passion’s ablaze, and I’ll burn you with it

For far too long have I been dragging this shadow behind me
Riddled with guilt and heavy with sleep
Given the cup, I’ve been drowning in half-light
And I’ve been wrecking my body on a levee of bones

How vain to me these hours of ease
And how fucking stifling this apathy
Etched from distance and shrouded in coldness
There’s a difference between Me and who I could have been

Cause once, when I hated, I made it fucking follow
And when I loved, I made it wholly consume
My name still spells Vengeance but I wear it with fear now
Desperately holding in the violence as my temper frays

Cause when the Sickness strikes and the Restlessness bays
I feel constrained to commit to my youthful ways
Sentenced a Judas to my very own skin
I feel the lingering Madness of it slipping in

But if there can only be a God in the face of a Devil
Then you can keep your comfort and bring in the nightmares
Born with the anger to burn through them all
I’d rather come undone than end up in thrall again


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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