The Cull

from by LOTUS



Dragging through the overpromise
Raised on petty bourgeois tyranny
Deadened by the ebb inside
You got yourself caught in the blight

Sold short as a martyr to their bad intentions
You’ve been pushing against wedges from the tapered end
But you’re stuck like the bad memories hammered into your head

You’ve got their words stuck in your throat
And it’s getting hard to swallow more
But spitting out your own will only make things worse
So you whisper through your teeth at night
Trying to get them off your chest

And now the frustration fucks with your head
With its teeth of upset digging deep into your chest

Be the thunder in their better weather
Spell their names as Enemy
Be the salt in all their cuts
And meet their pain with apathy

Stomach defeat
Only rue the regret
Put an end to those rats
With spite on your breath


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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