The Estrangement

from by LOTUS



The ones that hurt but seldom cower
I will never fail to recognise
The tragic youth at once I know
By the callousness that dulls their eyes

And as the drudge for our daily bread
Bends all these swaying bodies down
Drag’s respite sounds gruff and shrill
Drinking in the oblivion with a will

(As for me)

I fear no fate nor want a world
My senses have grown dull
I roam these streets for want of want
And my head is always full

On sleepless beds I lie
To terrors wide awake
With the pallor of a body laid so bare
Until the downbeat makes it break

I lose a day with every sunset
And the dread creeps in with every rise
But these eyes do not reflect your anguish
(I cannot sympathise)
There’s enough place on the face of this earth for two bodies to burn


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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