The Slit

from by LOTUS



I’m feeling like a mess
Too big for my own skin
And people keep crawling
And pushing their way in

I’m growing ever more inward
I’m bending back on myself
I’m trying to vacate my head
I don’t need you moving in

You keep talking in circles
That I’m mad enough to break
How I’d love to grab you by the jaw
And put a hammer to it

And the sight of those lips
Peeling back from your teeth
Is enough to tense me up right now
I can’t even pretend it doesn’t

(Stop leaning on me)
So how about we don’t play the social thing?
(Stop clinging to my skin)
I’ve become vicious in my reticence
(Stop weighing me down)
Implacable, I’m the same to friends and enemies
(I’m not letting you in)
We really don’t need to have a talk

So leave me to my silence
I leave you to your peace, don’t I?
And let’s put to death this weak exchange of meaningless formalities

Would you rather have me fall off?
Or would you rather have me fall out?
Either way, I’m curious to see which gets more damage done

So here’s the skeleton truth, I wrote this song about you
And all the things your selfish ass expects me to do
You better make up your mind, cause I’m about to cut ties:
Are we saying goodbye or just putting us on ice?


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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