The Violence

from by LOTUS



I’m a highly specialised body of misery
Rendered sick by its own conditioned want for some normalcy

I’ve been spiralling down
With a head full of savagery
Stooping down so low
I’ve got Depression scared to catch me

I’m waxing and waning
To keep myself sane and
I hurt for the silence
But my silence is violent

I’ve got scars on my hands from your sharp tongues rattling
I’ve grown stoic in my speech from those long years spent silently struggling

But I’ve got these stabs of anger
Tearing against the walls of my skull
That compel me to live and rise
Like a tide full of fury

Watch me rise from every grave
Except the one bodily

Make me burn


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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