The Plea

from by LOTUS



I’ve been drowning in days, but I still lack the time
To find some peace in this war of a mind
And whatever bit of bliss I catch, I lose with ease
Cause I’ve seen the Hurt and the Doubt and the worst of these
Bound a slave to this pitiless grey
Everything just seems to taste of disgust and blandness

When the Angst burns and raves at the end of the day
I’d do anything to keep these other bodies at bay
You’d be surprised to see, what with an idle mind
I can come up with lies and excuses to safely cower behind

I know the blows of fate should make me turn to faith
And that the blows of love ought to make me turn to hate
But I’ve painted my tongue black with the taste of despair
And now the lust for life just seems an acquired taste

I won’t bind myself a willing slave
To the youth that I have lost
To the fortune I know not
To the hope that never shone
On this stack of bricks I used to call my home

Beckon me back


from The Road To Calvary, released December 9, 2017


all rights reserved


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